What do I have to do to make sure my refills are in place on time?

One week before your medication supply depletes, please arrange for a refill with the doc2us application.

How do you contact my doctor for refills?

Doctors can be contacted via the doc2us application.

What happens if I have prescriptions with different doctors?

We are happy to work with all your doctors and prescribers related to refills or concerns.

Do you dispense brand or generic medications?

We will dispense medicine exactly according to the brand of the medicine listed in the prescription.

What do you do about medication I take only sometimes, not every day?

Medications prescribed “as-needed” may be dispensed in the traditional prescription bottles rather than in daily packs.

Can you send items that don't fit in a PILcube, like inhalers, creams and other pharmacy items?

Yes, we dispense inhalers, creams and other prescription medication.

What do I do if I have an adverse reaction to a medication?

If you are experiencing a serious reaction to your medication, please seek medical attention immediately.

What happen if my prescription has specific directions?

Every PILcube comes with a medication list that includes images and instructions for each medication. The list is easy to understand on how each medication should be taken. For medication that needs to be cut into half, we will cut accordingly before slotting into the PILcube packing.

When are PILcube pharmacists / doctors available for consultation?

Pharmacists and doctors are available for consultation via the doc2us telemed platform from 10am to 10pm everyday including weekends and public holidays.